About the Film Maker/Applicant

Dave Mai is a film and music producer, audio engineer, photographer and multimedia designer, and he owns a modest production company in Penticton BC. In 2016 DM Productions received the 'Home Based Business Excellence' award from the Penticton Chamber of Commerce. In 2015, Dave produced an independant rock climbing short, 'The Skaha Bluffs,' and it won both Fan Favourite and the Okanagan Experience award at the Reel Peach Film Festival in Penticton, BC. In November of the same year, he attended the Adventure Film Makers Workshop at the Banff Centre for the Arts. This added significant fuel to his burgeoning passion for making adventure films. and in 2014 Dave received the Media Arts award from the Penticton Arts Council, and was nominated for the same category for the Central Okanagan Awards in both 2013 and 2014. 

Dave has always been drawn to adventure. At a young age he gravitated to action sports like mountain biking, skateboarding, snowboarding, and BMXing. Dave got his start in the music industry in 2006 as an audio engineer. He worked hundreds of shows and was involved with many studio recordings. In 2010 Dave developed an interest in film and video and started to learn from peers and the internet. At first Dave tried to emulate styles from other films, but quickly started to develop his own style through trial and error. Since then, he has independently produced documentary films, music videos, and many other branches of video work while continuing his endeavors in the music industry. Rigging ropes and working from heights safely is comfortable for Dave because he also works as a high rigger for IATSE, flying heavy equipment in many arenas across BC.

In 2015 Dave got his first taste of ice climbing. He was instantly hooked, but ice climbing in the Okanagan is obscure! Ice in the Okanagan can be there one day, and gone the next. It's very fleeting and there are no guide books. Luckily Dave knows the right people to mentor him and show him how to find the elusive ice. 

RECENT PRESS: http://www.castanet.net/news/Penticton/183619/Digital-business-blossoms#.WFaYhJauYaA.facebook

Dave's Demo Reels

DM Productions / Dave Mai's 2015/2016 Demo Reel

A short reel about the rock climbing at the Skaha Bluffs in Penticton BC. Won first place at the Reel Peach Film Fest as well as the Fan Fave award.

100% of the profit earned from the Test of Humanity race is used to support Canadian Humanitarians and their projects in Ethiopia. Proud to be a part of the process.

An outlaw longboard race up in the hills of Carmi in Penticton BC 2016.

Title: Ephemera

Approximate Film length: 10min


When you think of ice climbing, the sunny Okanagan Valley is probably one of the last places you would consider. Ephemera is a short film about ice climbing in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia Canada. Though the ice climbing is unreliable, scarce, and fleeting due to the mild winters, it does exist. The core of the film is about the ephemerality of adventure. Although adventure is momentary, we find ways to gain lasting value after the experience melts away.


As a filmmaker, I find that my passions are ignited by untold stories of adventure. This is one of those stories. The genre is rife with stories of first ascents, but the rarity of these climbs and the fleetingness of their existence is truly captivating. Ice climbs have a dichotomous strength and delicacy, and the intrepid folk that attempt to ascend them are resilient and determined. I want to tell the story of the brevity of life, ice, and adventure, and record the echoes of impact that it can leave on its participants.

The Production Team

Dave Mai - Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Rigger - Dave will be the driving force for obtaining all the footage. The only thing more obscure than ice climbing in the Okanagan is finding other film makers who want to actually go and film ice climbing. Dave will be documenting behind the scenes to get a good laugh for the Ephemera blog/social media.

Endrené Shepherd - Screen Writer, Editor, Colourist - Also works for DM Productions, graduated from Capilano University with a Film Studies Diploma. She is an accomplished visual artist, photographer, cinematographer and also is the mother to Dave's son.

Adam Tutte - Guide, Climber , Talent Coordinator - Adam is a well know climber and route developer from the Okanagan. Having Adam be a part of the project is reassuring because he knows the areas, is a strong climber, and will help find other strong climbers for the project. 

Johnathan Dean Urness - Climber, Guide - Urness will be the climber and guide for the "Mythologic" sequence. We follow his progress as he finds a partner to do the climb with. He is a climber, member of the ACMG, emergency nurse, and father of three daughters.

Stan Sabourin - Climber, Guide - Even though Stan is a music educator at a local school, husband, and father of two; he is still finding time to seek out new ice and put up first accents. Stan will help guide us in the quest for new ice this season, meanwhile giving us insight into his passion and values. 



We are planning this shoot for February 2017 at Christie Falls, near Kelowna, BC. Adam Tutte has been developing climbing there, and will assist in organizing the climbers. Once Christie falls freezes and touches down, it forms an impressive pillar called The Phenom WI6 60m( FA Adam Tutte FA Feb 6, 2011) It also houses"Rumble in the Bronx M10 (?) 40m Open Project and Let’s Get Ready To Rumble 20m WI4 .There is a little log cabin Adam built near this location a few years back; it even has a wood stove he spent 3 hours dragging in. We plan on hiking in all the equipment and holding up the cabin for a few days to climb, film, and have a good time.

We will return several times in the following months to capture the seasons transitioning to further emphasise the theme of the film. In the summer, you can also find a potential 5.15 that has yet to see a first accent... perhaps we can coax someone strong to climb it. 

The Production Plan

On day one, we will begin before first light as we hike in food, supplies, film equipment, and climbing gear on toboggans tied to our harnesses. As we set up camp, Dave will capture time lapses. establishing shots, initial climbs and impressions of the area. Dave will use his UAV to capture aerial photos and videos of our 3 day adventure. 

Mythologic WI6, 140 m

Located in Enderby BC. After approximately 4.5 Billion years of tectonic activity and land formation, Enderby Cliffs finally saw its first ascent in 2004. We plan on repeating this climb for the camera on January 14 of 2017.

Jonathan Dean Urness and Adam Tutte are the climbers for this sequence. Partner selection is important for a climb like this. We explore how Urness and Tutte go through this process and weigh the risk factors.

The production plan

 Dave will be filming the accent from a couple ground-up cameras as well as capturing aerials. Due to the difficulty of access and our micro film crew (just Dave), filming topdown has been ruled out. The climbers will be provided with a small camera they can take up with them to serve as a "on the wall" camera (totalling 4 camera angles). Dave will be there one day before to capture establishing shots, time lapses and scout out the best vantage points for the cameras. 




Bear Creek

bear creek.jpg

Only a 15 minute drive from Kelowna and a 5 minute approach on flat land and over a frozen creek, this 30 meter seep is a popular crag for climbers to stay on top of their ice climbing game. 

The production of this sequence has been completed. 

OTHER Ice Climbing Areas

There are a handful of other ice climbing areas in the Okanagan. We will be exploring these various sites to see if ice has formed and ultimately climb and film them if they are in prime condition. A notable one is called "The Shaft" which is by an abandoned mine in Hedley BC.

The Budget BreakDown

At this time, producer Dave Mai is the sole financial contributor. We are currently active in the search for additional sponsors and supporters.

Producer/Cinematographer/Director: $3500

Editor/Color Correction/Screen Writer: $2500

Audio Processing: $500

Video Equipment Rental: $2000

Talent/Guides: $1500


Meals: $500

Rigging equipment (ropes, hardware, etc.): $400

Contingency Fund: $200

Total: $11,600