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DM Productions is a creative design firm based in Penticton BC. They specialize in many aspects of video, photography, audio, and web content. Their productions are cinematic, on-trend, and engaging. 

Dave Mai and Endrené Shepherd, a husband and wife duo, are the brains behind DM Productions. Dave is an award-winning film and music producer, audio engineer, photographer and multimedia designer. Endrené is a filmmaker, photographer and accomplished visual artist. In 2017 Dave won the Arc'teryx and Vancouver international Mountain Film Festival Adventure Film Maker Grant. In 2017 and 2014 Dave received the "Media Arts" award from the Penticton Arts Council, and in 2016 DM Productions received the award for "Home Based Business Excellence" from the Penticton Chamber of Commerce. Together they have over 20 combined years of experience in the media arts industry, and still continue to love the work. 

Dave and Endrené live in Penticton, BC where they choose to operate the production studio and raise their son. Dave fell in love with Penticton when he moved here in 2001, and hasn't left since. Endrené grew up in the area (and was Penticton Royalty in 1996-97), left after graduation from Pen High, and then returned again to stay in her adult years. Both Dave and Endrené are past Penticton Arts Council board members for 4 combined years. With their strong connections to the community, dynamic skill sets, positive personalities, and a passion for Penticton, DM Productions is an obvious choice to get the job done right! 

Brands and Companies DM Productions has been trusted by



DM Productions proposes to fulfil the request to produce up to fifteen 1.5-minute, and three 3-minute Undiscovered Penticton Vignettes and also contribute to the creation of a unique Penticton B-roll library. 

DM Productions is equipped with the latest technology and tools in video and photography such as video sliders, gimbals, and jibs. These tools allowdynamic movement and techniques-- such as motion time lapses and long exposures-- to create a product that will have both a high production value and a unique perspective. DM Productions is a leader in aerial video + photography in the South Okanagan and have training and certification in the field. They obtained a standing “Special Flights Operation Certificate" (SFOC), which is required for ALL aerial operations in the borders of Penticton (Class C Airspace), and they are a Transport Canada-approved UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) operator. You can depend on them to not only provide a stellar product, but to capture the images in the safest and most compliant manner possible. 

DM Productions will work alongside Travel Penticton and will be responsible for pre-production and development of each project, as well as managing the models, location releases and production scheduling.

All charges include all equipment, travel, capturing shots, post production, and delivery of the shots and final edits to Travel Penticton in a usable and organized state.

Video Quality

All video will be captured in 1080p HD at 10 bit. Frames per second can be at 24, 30, and/or 60.

Ownership and Licensing of B-roll Footage

DM Productions acknowledges, and can accommodate, that Travel Penticton is to retain the copyright and ownership for the deliverables shot while on assignment. Additional licensing for footage, shot independently by DM Productions, may also be obtained.

Sample Production Schedule

Every project is unique. The more complicated the concept, the longer and more resources it will take. This is sample is to give you an idea of how we would schedule one video assignment. 

Assignment - 2-3 min. "Undiscovered Penticton" vignette - 1-2 weeks planning, 1-2 day shoot, 2-4 day edit.

Pre Production - The most important part of the production. Concept development, story board, shot list, model and location management, production meetings, scheduling and equipment preparation. 

Production - Travel, audio, video and lighting equipment set up, shooting.

Post Production - Transcoding, editing, colour correction, graphics, audio sync, music licensing, archiving footage, delivery.  

Approximate time to produce a finished 2-3 minute production: 2-4 weeks 


Per 1.5 minute "Undiscovered Penticton" video + b-roll footage - up to two days of production -$2950.00

Per 3 minute "Undiscovered Penticton" video + b-roll footage - up to 3 days of production - $4950.00

Contingency day rate, includes equipment - $700 

Pricing for clips shot independently shot by DM Productions

Unlimited licensing per aerial video clip: $240

Unlimited licencing per video clip: $120 



DM Productions schedule is quite flexible. There are only 20 unavailable days in 2017: May 31 | Jun 1, 9,10 |  July 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 | Aug 5, 18, 19, 20, 26 | September 2, 21, 22, 23, 24 | October 14



Lyndie Seddon Hill - Hoodoo Adventure Company - 250-290-6084

Cherry Fernandez - South Okanagan Immigrant and Community Services - 250-492-6299

Sarah Trudeau - Community Foundation - 250-462-6997  


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