Length: 11 min
Year : 2018

Ephemera is a short film about ice climbing in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. Ice climbs have a dichotomous strength and delicacy, and the people that attempt to ascend them are resilient and determined. Though the ice climbing is unreliable, scarce, and fleeting due to the mild winters in the Okanagan, it does exist… it all depends on how badly you want to find it.


Episode 1 - Rock Climbing

Length: 16 min
Year : 2018

Stokanagan is an adventure series based in the Okanagan Valley of BC Canada. The sport of climbing has exploded. With thousands of climbing routes, perfect weather, and plenty of scenic lakes and landscapes, it's easy to see why the Okanagan is attracting climbers worldwide. With more and more climbers coming to the area, how will it affect the environment? How do we minimize our footprint?

Sloper Climbing

Length: 1 min
Year : 2018

The climbing guide book authors that have we have all trusted for years, to bring us safely to and home from our adventures, have added a new dynamic to their guidebooks with the Sloper Climbing App. The delivery of this information is also enhanced by leveraging the growing technology is today’s smart phones: GPS locations, offline data, high resolution imagery and community interaction.